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New Technical Support Service from Westwind

Following a recent review of the technical support service offered to our customers, Westwind Air Bearings is proud to announce the introduction of a new rapid technical support email service…

Introducing 'support@westwind-airbearings.com'

From 18 May 2005, please email all technical and product support enquiries to support@westwind-airbearings.com.  The launch of this technical support service is part of Westwind's ongoing commitment to providing the highest level of service to our customers.  This rapid response email service guarantees that all technical support enquiries will be acknowledged to you within the next working day.  If your enquiry cannot be resolved immediately, you will receive an email detailing the name and contact details of the person currently dealing with your enquiry, allowing you to keep track on the progress of your request.

For all your other enquiries such as part number, price and delivery requests, please continue to pass these through the Westwind Sales Department as normal.

For further information, please contact: support@westwind-airbearings.com.